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Welcome Beautiful!

I'm Joa Frances, Mindset Master, Psychic, Manifestation Expert, Subconscious Mind Whisperer and activator for gentle, transformational healing.


My childhood experience prepared me on every level for this work. I grew up in a family where traumatic events were omnipresent and survival mode was the norm. The challenges at home reverberated through my life causing major struggles with weight and body image issues and watching the destruction of my family because of financial scarcity and our losing our family business to a fire. To summarise I became a person who was a victim to life and it's circumstances.

Life was happening to me and I was definitely not thriving. In 2010 I began studying Nutritional Medicine which propelled me down the path of holistic healing where I immersed myself inlearning all things about the body-mind connection. Studying the greats like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza my mind was blown at their research and wisdom. 


Fast forward10 years and working with 100's of clients providing complete health restoration packages. With each client I dove deeper seeking the root cause of their health challenges and noticed over and over again there was always an emotional and energetic imprint at the epicentre.

This was my 'lightbulb' moment where I realised instead of using Nutritional Medicine as the 'vehicle' for transformation it made more sense to focus on the actual cause - the emotional, energetic (spiritual) and subconscious blocks causing imbalances in the body.

In the past 5 years I have jumped right in researching, reading countless books and studying many modalities to learn the most gentle and transformative practices to truly heal body at the root cause - the subconscious mind.


It is my life's work to help women embody their most authentic expression and reclaim their infinite potential.


I am on a mission to elevate the collective by helping women reclaim their innate power and actualise
their version of a fu*k yes life.

"Everything is Energy
Everything is Changeable"

My Astrology + Human Design

Sagittarius Sun

Pisces Moon

Taurus Rising

Manifesting Generator


Things you would never know about me


I absolute love Sharks and I've been lucky enough to dive with them many times


I grew up in Far North Queensland, Australia - where ancient Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef


I am happiest when I'm in the Sunshine, climbing a Mountain, chasing Waterfalls or swimming in the Ocean.


I have been swimming with a 4 metre Crocodile and I would not recommend you try it.

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