Welcome Beautiful!

I'm Jo, a registered Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, weaver of energy, lover of Sunshine and activator for deep healing.


It is my mission to help women heal, release the dogma of life's experience and reclaim their vibrant bodies using a combination of clinical testing, witchy wisdom, plant medicines and achievable step by step actions.

Sister, it is your birth right to feel lit up, buzzing with life force, free of discomfort, living your life on purpose and in tune.

Are you ready?


'Everything is energy,

Everything is changeable'

My foundational health beliefs are:


Each woman is unique, profound and inherently valuable with her own story, DNA, genetic makeup and blueprint for her life's passion and purpose. This knowing is at the forefront of every consultation, treatment plan and action I propose. I like to call it Personalised Medicine, tailored to you and your beautiful body!

Health Sovereignty and Collaboration

You are the ultimate authority on your health and every single choice on the path of your life. I am honoured to share my wisdom with you in all areas of your your health activation and remembrance journey, however I insist you keep listening to your own wisdom every step of the way. It is essential we form a positive, loving and supportive 

however you must be proactive, take the required action to achieve and ask lots of questions along the way.


Everything is energy, everything is changeable. We are literally energy in motion, creating our own lives in every moment that passes. This means we are the directors, creating the outcomes. I am a passionate advocate for healing your shit and releasing your emotional baggage to truly restore, balance and peace tp the physical body.

A Message from my heart to yours


Hey beauty,


I want you to know I have walked a life long path of continually improving my health, healing trauma and diving deep integrating my life's experiences to rebirth the most authentic me. 

I have been practicing Nutritional Medicine and providing complete health restoration packages for 8 years.

I would be honoured to support you on your health journey beautiful. If you are ready, let's begin.

Jo x

'I will be with you,

cheering you on, 

every single step

of the way'

Important Details

I am registered as a Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine with the Complementary Medicine Association Australia to ensure professional standards are maintained for Natural Health Practitioners. These standards require Practitioners to be: 

- Appropriately Qualified and experienced in the modality offered

- Insured

- Annually complete Professional education to remain current with clinical research 

Health Fund Rebates 

Rebates are available for Nutritional Medicine consultations if your fund covers this modality.

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Registration 2097 CMA