Energy Alchemist, Somatic Healer + Personalised Medicine Practitioner

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Welcome Beautiful! I'm Joa,


Energetic alchemist, weaver of magic, lover of Sunshine and activator for deep healing.


I am for the wild empowerment of women - fiercely wealthy, vibrant femmes ready to light this world on fire with the actualising of her hopes and dreams.


From the smouldering embers of self doubt and the bottom of her endless to do list to the the unfurling of the full power goddess she has always been.

Why work with me?

Your body, nervous system and subconscious are busy  magnetising experiences into this life journey gravitating you in this direction or that - mostly without your awareness.


My Super Power is activating self- belief, wonder and the possibility of what could be if only she let everything else fade into the background where it belongs.


I am here to guide women home to their innate brilliance, breaking the chains of trauma, soothing the nervous system and accessing ancient wisdom to live life on her terms, always.

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You deserve to feel amazing beautiful

Everything is energy which means everything is changeable. I am a huge believer in the emotional and energetic components of all physical discomfort.


Unprocessed emotion changes frequency, hanging around in the physical and energetic body wreaking havoc. 


Using my energetic gifts I can help you identify and release the emotional baggage that keeps you stuck in this shitty cycle feeling like it's never going to end.


Clinical Testing

We love providing clinical testing for every woman we work with. 

No matter what signs your body is sending you I'm all in for digging a little deeper to identify the root cause of what's going on for you.


Let's face it you've already invested years trying to sort this on your own, sister please let me help!

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