Natural Medicine Practitioner, Energy Weaver + Business Mentor

Welcome Beautiful, I'm Jo

Practitioner of Natural Medicine, weaver of energy, lover of Sunshine and activator for deep healing.


I am on a mission to help women heal, release the dogma of life's experience and reclaim their vibrant selves using a combination of scientific testing, witchy wisdom, nutrients and plant medicines. 

It is your birth right to feel lit up, buzzing with life force and ready to shine brighter than ever. If you're ready, let's begin.

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You deserve to feel amazing beautiful

Everything is energy which means everything is changeable. I am a huge believer in the emotional and energetic components of physical discomfort.


Unprocessed emotion lowers your vibe, hanging around in your physical and energetic body wreaking havoc. 


Using my energetic gifts I can help you identify and release the emotional baggage that keeps you stuck in this shitty cycle feeling like it's never going to end.

Discover your newest addiction

Let’s get essential oils into your life and I’ll show you how to use them effectively to love on yourself, your home and family. 

Please don't wait another day to get this magic into your world.


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Practitioner Natural Medicine

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